Laptop HDMI Output and DAC HDMI I2S Input. Can I get this going?


2010-08-24 5:33 pm
I have an Acer laptop with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4225 - ATI HDMI Output (Audio) and Javs DAC-2 March with I2S HDMI Input. When I connect those devices together I get a PCM LED lightened on my DAC and no sound, and my laptops ATI HDMI Output Driver says it's unplugged. I tried setting my Foobar Wasapi to ATI HDMI, but I get an error message.
Here lies the danger of using proprietary connectors for a purpose they weren't intended for.

I2S over HDMI has nothing to do with HDMI, apart from using the same physical connectors. You can't connect your laptop to your DAC, the two formats are totally different and incompatible. You may even damage the laptop and / or the DAC, though hopefully JAVS designed the DAC so this wouldn't happen.