lanzar 546-- problem with hissing noise over one channel


2008-01-28 4:16 pm
hey-- hopefully you guys can help...

recently acquired a lanzar vibe 436 from a friend. It's driving a more-or-less stock system in my 1998 jeep 5.9 (I'm not so much using it for higher power, but becuase I needed an inexpensive, good amp with low-level inputs, so I can run the JL cleansweep, and have direct inputs for my sattelight, ipod, and hu.. but I digress).

I hook everything up, everything works perfectly, then after about 1 hour of low use (amp is cool to the touch), I get loud, white noise. This is a 4 channel amp; when I touch the first set of inputs, the noise goes away.

Any ideas? I opened the amp up, the inputs are readily accessable; since I'm only using the first set of inputs, I'm wondering if removing the second set of inputs alltogether would solve this (they're only held on by three solder points and a plastic retention clip.). Warranty repair is probably out of the question; to make this amp fit in his TJ, my friend removed one of the heat sinks on the outside of the amp-- with a cutt-off tool.

Any input would be appreciated.


2007-11-08 2:14 am
You mean you can wiggle it around and make the noise change right? Try to figure out if it is just that RCA plug or the whole connector to the board (if it is 4 plug, or is it 2?). The outer barrel of the RCA plug can be damaged also from forcing tight RCA plugs on/off, or physical damage if hit. It seems to be a common issue and many amps use a pretty weak setup for the RCAs.