I went though every post on the Forum regards this speaker plus the entire photo gallery. Can't find any builder posts on it at Google either.

Everything leads back to Klang & Ton or HiFi Mag. Plans are simple, don't need help there.

One poster here said many here had built it but I see no mention and another said it shouldn't work on paper but does yet went no further.

Has anyone here built it that is still hanging around?

It interests me as it's thin, can go close to the wall , uses 2 drivers and front fires.

Really need a design like that for my CSS FR125's. Absolutely nothing else I see appears to work for my fitment .




2008-02-21 7:56 am
I build one pair 1,5 years ago, and I'm very happy with the results, the pair I build is from the original plans, but I'm now building a modified version that extends to 40hz -3db, that's allmost 20hz lower than the original, and they go unbelievably deep when considering the driver. They can't handle power that well, I mean they won't break easily but they will distort quite severely, but they a definitely worth building...

My current Lancettas:
Lancetta Driven by gainclone

The modification instructions, are only in swedish(which I don't understand that when, being that I'm finnish, but one can allways scroll the pictures trough)

The major changes were in the stuffings in the inside chambers, and in the trasmission line part, lennart has added some foam in the walls, the bottom opening is half the original size, that lowers the low end, I guess...

Similar design for CSS FR125's would sure be interesting, I would definetly build one of those, but to go to those extends that lennart went in his modification(measuring everything really precisely), I would not have that competence :)
Looks like making life difficult for yourself, frankly.

A simple MLTL should do the job fine. GM has done a couple, here's another option: 46in x 6in x 4.5in (HxWxD). Driver centre 14.75in down from top, vent 2in diameter x 2.125in long, as close to the bottom as possible. Stuff 0.48lbs ft^3 from the top 25in down (all dimensions internal).


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2008-02-21 7:56 am
Here's few pics, though they are without the power cord and the front led, the led is actually 1mm hole filled with hot glue which acts as a light guide for the inside 5mm led, you can't really even see the led hole when the thing is off...


Here's the only one that shows some of the insides and the power source is also there...
In progress

The material is solid oak and 10mm thick solid aluminium, the inside space is milled out with a CNC machine, also some of the aluminium to fit the amplifier there...
Hi Scott-

Don't know how to post a link - wish I did. Much I'd like to share on many subjects.

Had hoped to attract those here who poster said had built it.

Partial reason for interest is I also own 2 of the TB's, they are inexpensive and I could buy 2 more , would have preferred to use 2 CSS per speak in design after experimenting with them and this design would have allowed me to play with both drivers.

Quite frankly I can't see how the design could work well at all with any driver but there was the testimony of the other poster. TTV seems to concur.

Thanks for info on MLTL.

Hi TTV -

Your Lancettas sure look pretty, gainclone as well. Nice builds. Happy to hear that they sound good.

Thanks for posting links . I had found that info as well but my computer is not wanting to save anything but photos of late so now it's here as a permanent record and others can consider as well.

Please post your findings on your new endeavors with this as well as your reactions.

Appreciated - Bluto
Hello Bluto,

I've build myself a pair a while ago for a TB W3-871s 5.0 system.



>>> Really need a design like that for my CSS FR125's. Absolutely nothing else I see appears to work for my fitment .

Not tall and thin, but i bet that driver, along with several other TBs would work great in a Guru style enclosure with a nice little tweeter.

I am thinking of cloning the look of the Guru with my 4" TB bamboo drivers just for fun.