LAN Switch upgrade to Internet streaming


2010-03-23 8:57 pm
I have been a big fan of internet streaming radio stations for a couple of years now. Lastfm and we7 are my favorites. I don't delude myself that these are audiophile sources but I discovered an unexpected leap in performance when I tried using a small Cisco LAN switch between my PC and router. This is a 'store and forward' switch that regenerates the signal and then runs an integrity check on every block of data it receives before passing it across the network. So it acts as a buffer as well - sort of a capacitance-type thing, I guess. The theory is pretty sound but ...blimey, I was amazed at the improved clarity - silent background - bass in particular hugely improved. I am pretty cynical about so-called upgrades, but even I am impressed by this (still only MP3 quality though !). Just wondered if anyone else has tried this - or am I imagining the improvements I am hearing ????