Lab12 in a ported enclosure - WinISD

I was playing with WinISD and came up with this:

How accurate can I expect this to be, and why such a smooth roll off over 200Hz ? (given all the tapered Horn sims get crazy over 100Hz


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2007-12-13 9:48 pm
Hi. Toshiba

I don't know what it is. v0.5 it works to be the same as your.
first time i think that have something is close my port.:D :D :D

Now look this is on 0.6

i feel that i must to change the program again.:D :D

;) /Thawach


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2007-08-25 7:14 am
Hi Thawach,
Here is the port pic.

I had a bad feling about it. According to the graph its super smooth from 100Hz to 500Hz (down 3db at 500) and would appear to continue to smoothly roll off all the way to 1k+???

Hi BthX, so what should I use to accurately model this driver in a vented enclosure?


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2002-01-07 6:02 pm
toshiba_nz said:
Hi Thawach,
Re the manufactures graph. How does a box/room/ports change that graph(which is their claim) to the one from WinISD? And look at this
Look at how smooth the graphs are!
Eminenece tell how they come to those figures. Copy the data into WinISD and see if you come up with the same. I believe their software is a licenced proprieary version of Bassbox6.

Box modelling software really only gives LF response and can't usually take into account the breakup modes an other anomolies in the driver at the top end on it's range. I usually ignore everything in a sim > 2 octaves above F3 and use measurements for that.