Korg Nutube preamp noise issue.

Still not. Once noise come out or reduced to negligible levels with or without removing/replacing the culprit, you can return it to normal state. But in the while, keep the problem in as reduced area as you can. This makes easier to solve the problem, and in case of a mistake, to have more presicion about rhe place it occuried.

As an illustrative example: suppose you are a police inspector like in moovies. Somebody say you there is a killed person in an area of, say, 1km around your police station. Other person call you again and say that it is 5km around. What info is more valuable for you?
Hi all, I’m new here to please be gentle.

Wondering if someone could help me,
my lovely partner bought me a Korg Nutube pre amp but unfortunately I’m having a problem with it.

I followed the diy guide and it works and plays but there is quite a lot of hiss coming through both speakers when it’s turned on, it also gets louder when the volume is increased.

Is there a check list I can run through to try and eliminate it?
Many thanks.

What main amp is connected ?