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Klipsch RC-7 Crossover

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it's time to complete my crossover upgrade.
my mains and surrounds got the full upgrade with Sonic Craft Gen 1 and ERSE.
the center channel just got the woofer input upgraded. at the time i was shaving pennys and u suggested i keep the current caps (Clarity Cap SE and Jentzen Superior Z). after some time and listening tests, i found the Sonic Craft suited my ears more. the SC have extreme detail and clarity i can't describe. (besides, i won't do it justice). the center still having the CC caps, just didn't sound right. they are more "warm" and when you compare SC to CC, it just doesn't work (at least for me). i believe someone who likes music more would have liked the CC just fine. i however am 100% HT.

RC-7 XO: (Inline Caps - 3.75uf & 12uf): SC 3.6uf (high value) and SC 12uf.
RC-7 XO (Parallel Cap - 18uf): ???? not sure. i can leave the CC in there, buy a SC, or find $20 worth of junk at ERSE. their 18uf is $6.66. Jeff, do you have a 18uf that is cheaper than SC gen 1, but just as good as ERSE? (i hope that is not an insult).

at some point in time, i need to get with you and find out what internal wire i should have. right now i have the same wire as my speaker cables. it's from M*******E and 4N purity. it's all 12awg.
(see, i read your other posts and didn't provide a link to a rival competitor!)

Here is a pic of the RC-7 XO. followed your advice and removed as much metal as i could. i also separated the tweeter and woofer board. they rest on MDF and teflon spikes.

Pic of RF-7 XO: full upgrade. ERSE parallel caps, Sonic Craft Gen 1 in line caps. changed out the inductor. used that quad solder, amazing stuff! instead of filling the binding posts with solder and melting the insulation on the wire, i found some gold plated hardware. i figured that was a better way to go. yeah, the binding posts are cheap, but they work. i'm sure in time i'll change them to something better. just think jeff, that's more emails and phone calls! lol!
i also removed as much metal too. that's why i have tie wraps holding the inductor. that mdf board fits snugly in place too.


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    RC-7 A.JPG
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    RF-7 C.JPG
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You do know that you can edit your post? You don't have to post repeatedly in order to add details or modify your original post. :D

It sounds like you already have a plan. I see no real problems. I don't think we can help you with the 18, given your budget constraints. All things considered, I don't really see a problem with the wire you're using, unless you have a specific sonic characteristic that you are trying to address. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.