Kids ran amp well in clipping levels, audible damaged?

My system consist of a Pioneer Digital AV amp with some Mordaunt Short bookshelfs and Mordaunt Short Sub with builtin amp.

My two todlers managed to fire up the system making in run with volume well into the clipping levels. Took me 1 or 2 minutes to turn it down.

At first looked like everyting was working fine, no blown amp of speakers. And kids so scared of the system the never touch it again.

But after i while i noticed that it sounded less imaged, voices on tv sounded like to come from te screen instead of the speakers and i don;t have a center speaker. But now the sounded more like coming from te speakers itself. Also the lower end is less articulated and boomy.

Since my dvd player broke down a while ago i don't have any mains of testing with some serous cd's. All i have is digital audio from my setop box which has digital tv and radio.

But could the abuse break something and make it sound lesser?