Kicx QS 1.1000 turns on, no output to speakers

Hello, I just received a brand new Kicx QS 1.1000 (exactly the same amplifier as an SPL Dynamics ICE 3500D), and upon swapping my previous Bass Face SQ1.1 it managed to turn on, the "Limit" and "Alarm" LEDs flashed as is normal when it first turns on, and eventually the blue "Run" LED remains solid blue, indicating the amplifier is on and working without any issue, also the logo lights up blue. The problem is, there is no output to the speakers, no matter how much I adjust the gain. The RCAs are fine as I used them for my previous amplifier that works. The power and ground wires are also okay as I can swap back to my older amplifier and there's no issue there, 13.8 volts solid. I've tried thicker remote wire, and also tried a small piece of wire directly from the 12V power input to the remote input, also doesn't seem to be the issue, as the amplifier seems like it comes on perfectly fine. If anyone is familiar with that amp, or with the SPL Dynamics ICE 3500D, then please let me know if you've heard of anything like that. I'm guessing it might be a general amplifier issue, not just those models, as I've read some people online having the same problem. I literally bought it about a week ago, it got delivered today, brand new, and it's sickening to see it not able to put out any signal to the subwoofers. Might be worth mentioning that I'm using it with a server power supply, 0 gauge wire coming from it, it can produce 2100 watts at 13.8 volts, I've used it for a year now with my Bass Face SQ1.1 and there has been no issues at all. I've also tried powering the problematic Kicx SQ 1.1000 with a solid 12 volts power supply, also turns on perfectly fine but still no output at speakers. I'm confident that the power supply, or the source of power in general is not the problem here. I did open up the amplifier to see if any heavy enough component came unsoldered during shipping, and visually there is nothing damaged. What I'm thinking of doing is taking off the whole PCB out of the aluminium housing and improving the solder points of pretty much every component, but first I wanted to ask you guys if there's anything that comes to mind before I go ahead and start soldering.
Nevermind, found the problem. Take a look at the pictures included. First of all, I'm used to some technical issues causing the problem, something small, something to be expected, either RCA cables being faulty, or some component frying. I was never EVER expecting to see something like this. Terrible, terrible delivery company, or simply poor packaging done by the company.