Kicker ZR1000

Hi I have a 1998 Kicker ZR1000 on the bench. Has a protection problem of sorts. With the 7815 in circuit I am getting high current. With the output leg (3rd) removed my relays come on and low current draw. Can't seem to find anything shorted or open.
After pulling the 3rd leg and checking voltage, the regulator seems to be putting out 15v as it should be. The TIP29 and 7815 are getting hot also.
Checked voltage across the emitter resistors, .001 on all of them.
Anyone with any ideas what I am missing?
After further testing and probing I have found that the TL431c (U11) is getting hot. Would this be the same chip in Mouser as the TL431cd, cdr, cdrg4 etc... they are all 8 pin SOIC package?
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