Kicker Vs. Memphis

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I deliberated for a very long time on which speakers to purchase. There was a local Memphis dealer downtown in the city I live in, and also a Kicker dealer. The Kicker CVR 12"s that I was looking into were 199$ each. The Memphis Mclass subwoofers were listed at the other store for 199$ each as well. I finally decided that I wanted to buy the Kickers, because from what I heard Kicker had cleaner, harder hitting bass vs. other mid brands. So I got on the internet and did some researching, and mostly everyone likes the kickers that they have becuase they last and good. Found some on a site for $129.99 for 2 12" CVRs with 800 watt max and 400 watt rms. The amp I currently have is a Class D Mclass memphis amp.

Questions that I am asking are..

1: Is this amp big enough to push the speakers fluently. If not, what size should I get. Also, the CVR's are DVC. How should I wire these with my given amp, series or paralell?

2: Did I make a mistake here in my choice of subwoofers. I figured I was getting a pretty good deal here. My friend has a couple of Memphis PR 12"s, and they get loud as hell. And he's pushing with a multi-channel 400 watt PR Memphis amp.

I hope I'm did the right thing.

Also, I got a bigger box considering I have a f-150 supercab.

2 ft^3 per speaker. Is that good or should I go bigger?
cvr's are decent subs, but u would have been better off with the pr' the shop i part time at, we sell both and have done multipule switches from cvr's to pr's...same boxes, same amps and teh pr's are louder everytime. sound better IMO as well.

once u get into the L5's and up, then u get into kickers good stuff. i run a solox 18 daily in my truck. but i'd never own a cvr. i've owned several pr's as well...never stay long as ppl hear them and then buy

what amp do u have? cvr's are d4, so unless u have the 1100d, u have the wrong impedence. with d4 u can only wire 1 or 4 ohm. all memphis d class amps, unless u have a pr series, are 2 ohm stable, except the 1100d, which is 1 ohm. if u have either pr series, u can go 1 ohm.....

to go one ohm, wire all positives together and all negatives together..then run to the amp. (doesn't matter if u run to one channel or'll be the same impedence as all mono amps are internally "bridged")

to go 4 ohm, u'll take one positive and one negative on each individual sub and wire them together..u'll take the remaining positive and negative and parallel it with the other sub...

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :drink:
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.