kicker l7 2 ohm

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hi, im new to this site. Im looking to change my setup. currently i have 2 kicker l7 10 inch 2 ohms with an audiopipe aplc 6002 2000 watts for bass. i want to keep the l7. the reason i want to change it is that after i turn it up it seems like it gets to its capacity and sounds a little distorted. im wondering what amps wound be recommended to push the l7 to the max without them sounding distorted. thanks for your input.

also is saw some critical mass 2500 on fleabay for reasonable price($600). are these amps as good as they portray to be. or are they just pricey and overrated.
Hi and welcome.

Are you certain that the problem is the amplifier? Are the kicker L7's dual voice coil, 2 ohm per coil, and how do you have them wired? Are you using the amp bridged or 2 channel? How did you set up the gains? Sorry for all the questions, but would hate to give advice on a new amplifier, and you have the same problem with the new one. Let me know.

ok. this time around i was lazy. i took my '66 cutlass to a place and they did the work. So i dont like the job they did and the sound that comes out of it. i was thinking just ripping it out and starting over. thanks for the reply i will take it apart the next couple of days and find out what really is going on. do you think the audiopipes amps can push the kicker l7 correctly?
as far as the critical mass amps what is your opinion.
thanks for your response
just looked at the back of the car. the box is a ported box and the l7 are facing each other. this is going to be a crazy task to take the box apart. i hate paying people when i know i can do it myself. never again.
so tell me about the amp thats there, can it do the job even if rewrieing is involved. if it cant even with rewireing i want to buy what its necessary so when i start i dont stop because i need something else.
also any idea about the second question(critical mass amp)
Is it a ported enclosure or is it a bandpass enclosure?

The photos I've seen of critical mass amps make them seem like nothing but clones. There may be slight differences but nothing to make them special, especially when driving subwoofers. Do your own research on critical mass. I don't want to outright state that they're overpriced.

As a side note, the design of the CM amps is much like the class D audiopipe, massive and probably 4 or 5 other brands. When I have one on the bench, I cannot tell them apart many times (looking at the circuits used).
my box is definitely ported. bass sounds great until it reaches a certain point. then it sounds distorted. i was just wondering if it was the amp. i dont think it is the speakers or maybe im using the wrong amp because i want more bass. so that is way i ask..
thanks for the answer for the critical mass i guess thats not recommended.
im still looking for a better amp
You're likely driving the amp to clipping and that's what's making it sound distorted.

You will need to increase the power to the speakers significantly if you want a noticeable difference in bass. This may not be practical with the speakers you have. To get what you want, you may have to go to 4 woofers and a larger amp.
A class D amp will run cooler than an amp like you have now. You don't need one that is full range class D. A class D amp made to drive subwoofers only will probably be cheaper than the full range type. I can't recommend a brand. They all seem to have some sort of weakness as far as reliability is concerned. Whatever you get, don't mount it on the speaker enclosure.
I agree with Perry, a class D amplifier is the way to go. You still need to figure out whats going on with the current setup before you buy anything. The Kicker L7's come in two coil configurations, dual 2 ohm and dual 4 ohm. You need to know what configuration you have before you can pick out a suitable amp.
The manufacturer rates your current amp at 300 watts @ 4 ohms, 600 watts @ 2 ohms and 1200 watts bridged @ 4 ohms. If you have the dual 2 ohm coil subs there is only one way to wire the coils that would work with your amp, coils in series for a 4 ohm load. If this is how it is wired than your only using 300 watts per subwoofer. Hopefully this was helpful.

hi sorry for delay in response. my L7 are 2 ohms. i remember they sent 4 ohms and he returned them and insisted of getting 2 ohm 10 inch. i was also looking at the audiopipe apcl-30001D 1 channel. i believe this is a class d amp. not sure if i can use this and get what i want in terms of sound quality and power. my theory is the more powerful the amp the less i have to turn it up and the better the sound i want to get (less distortion). let me know your thoughts. thanks
If you're interested in audiopipe amps, you may want to go with the 1500 watt version. The 3000 is essentially 2 1500s in one case bridged. The 1500s are about $150 each. I'd put one on each woofer and use 4 10s or 12s (if you have the space). Compare the board of the 1500 to the CM amp you were looking at.

Having multiple smaller amps instead of one large amp will allow you to still have bass if one amp should go down and need repair.

Bear in mind that I'm not necessarily recommending the audiopipe.
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