Kicker KX1200.1 comparator

Good night guys, im working on a Kicker KX1200.1 ive change the comparator three times and still no audio (BTW its the green board). the first one was from a used board i found in the shop, the second i bought new (still dont know if its any good). the amp was having shorted output which i think blows the powersupply, the powersupply fets and gate driver transitors were replaced so its up and running 68+/- rails.
my major proble is the powersupply makes a buzzing sound with protection light on i wouldnt get the green led nor the relay to click. ive removed all the output fets 9640's and 640's then the amp would turn on, ive checked all the outputs and they are ok but when in their respective pads the amp wont power on.
I'll be working on it tomorrow so i will post voltages around the LM361 but ive damaged pads around the SMD device, does any continued circuit makes from IC to board on the LM361 on legs 2,5,7,9 and 12?


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