Kicker 80ss

Anybody know much about these?

I got it in an auction with a Punch 75 hd for $40.

The Punch is fixed but this one not yet.

It powers on fine but has no sound. When you lift the lid just to where you can start testing it goes into protect. Lower the lid remove the remote and restart and its out of protect but still no sound.

Kinda hard to do testing when the lid is in the way and it protects as soon as you lift it.

I cant see any of the transistors and such as they are between the board and the heat sink.

This even worth fixing?


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2008-02-22 9:19 pm
I haven't seen or touched one of those in many many years. The prices were high compared to other marketplace offering at the time so not a lot sold in comparison to amplifiers of the same timespan. If you remove the cover and it goes into protect my initial reaction would be the cover pins down something that slightly distorts the PCB and completes a crack or cracked solder joint. But I haven't opened one in so long, I can't remember much about the mounting points. Open it up and get your eyeballs in there :)