Kenwood KAC1023 Remote turn on fault


2010-09-19 1:23 pm
Hi All

Got chance tonite to strip down Kenwood KAC1023 bought with fault, not blowing fuses but refusing to power up when connecting remote turn on, found on main board Q57 C945 Q108C Blown, R125. 4.3K resistor fried, Diode D27 Blue band with number 512 on it short, RCA Input pcb R51 2K resistor fried, Diode D9 short. so the path from remote terminal to q57 in between amp smoothing caps has signs of overheating tracks as well as above faults, with respect to earth must have a high voltage on remote turn on to cause that damage, possible speaker lead flash do you think.

Can anybody help with component identification/ subsituition as i am struggling to find a circuit of this cool old school amp, any help would be well apreciated