JXR 6 HD in open or very small enclosure

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I am new on this forum, I've duilt many enclosures ( bad or better for 35 years), but just now i'll like to try something new . those would be used as outside speaker on my sailing boat.
I need them to be real small and simple, so I was thinking of a Jordan JXR 6 HD or Markaudio Alpair 7 Generation 3, in an open baffle hoping to get about down 100 hz response...i have only my ears to control and may some of you could tell about similar experiences
What I meant by IB was if you input a huge figure in winisd ie 300 litres you'll get a rough idea of an open baffle response for these drivers.
Also, if you plan to use a 1st order passive and cross low near the resonant frequency of the driver, u will run into problems with the impedance and it won't roll off where u want it to
yes i understand that ( about how to figure an IB); about impedance I use no cross over, just nothing.
the reason is : this item will be outside at sea and will be spoiled in one or two years ( depends on the wheather) so I need to make it cheap and easy maintenance if possible.
As far as i know , no sailor wants to have real sound nor inside nor outside , I need to create the idea.
My actual project is this morning (morning in france): using the jordan in an 1.4l box as main speakers ( down to 100 -120hz according to winisd) , and then I try to imagine a small bass enclosure.. this Aura speaker is a full ranger...but allows to reproduce quite low frequencies in a real smal ancheap box (very long vent = is that a problem)

As it is a cheap one (30€) and I do not really know it I was just trying to drive the bass frequencies that are not there using the Jordan alone..

You tell me i cannot use it as a sub in a pass band desing ..why what is the problem..may be about the phase ?? (curve is strange of course)
Just spotted this - the JXR6 is NOT suitable for open baffle. It requires an enclosure to operate.

I'm currently using a pair in 2.25 litre ceramic enclosures as a bedroom system. I haven't even bothered with a woofer or sub for them yet. They work well and used against a wall sound very good, with the lack of bass weight below 150Hz or so not being too obvious. Of course, it depends on what you listen to and how loud you want to play. My system is peaking at 75dB or so for late night listening.
thanks for your answers,
I now think my idea is ok and i'll built a 2.5 l closed enclosure or so, and then think of making a little sub .
Hope to have your advices for coming projects...in fact I have three system : one at hoem , one at my work , one in my sailing yacht and this one for aut side of the yacht..To of then still need improvement
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.