Junk Box Bluetooth Boombox


2010-03-27 2:24 am
I recently picked up one of those TDA7492P bluetooth amp boards from eBay with the intention of building a boombox for the kids.. I tried it out with some bookshelf speakers and an 18v cordless drill battery and it worked pretty good. Going through my junk box I came across 8 Realistic 400-1022 woofers, the same ones used in the venerable Minimus 7 speakers, along with a collection of assorted tweeters. The specs on the little 4 inchers are 55-5 kHz, fs 55 Hz, Qts 0.35, Vas 6.51L 5-10 W. I've also read the Speaker Builder article regarding the crossover. Junky, I know, but what the heck, the price is right. My question is whether I should just build a plain box with all 8 on the front, or would there be anything to be gained by a back to back arrangement, like a micro boominator?