Jordan Eikona Broken voice coil wire

One channel of a pair both in December 2015 became open circuit recently.This occurs suddenly and no physical abuse by heavy loud music .
This is traced to corrosion of the coil wire at the glue junction. See the whitish powder . The speaker was subsequently repaired locally
Please see picture.

Has anyone else has similar experience?
Any advice on how to avoid similar fate to the other driver?
I measure 6 R across the terminals for both pair even though the speaker is spec at 8R. Is this usual ?
I don't see the whitish powder in your photo, but this type of failure has been seen in other drivers. To answer your second question, 6-Ohms DC measured from an 8-Ohm voice coil in a magnetic gap is fairly standard.

PTSD fuel - I had to pull a JX92S (sister to the Eikona) from a transmission line to check the condition of the adhesive. :LOL:
It looks OK, the dark spot is shiny solder. You'll notice the marks from the tinsels rapping against the cone from the past run-in process.

IMG_E5566 JX92S 2023.jpg
I decided to repair it after realizing that the present cost has doubled from my initial purchase!
This are pictures after repair by a professional.
He has to detach the cone and coil


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