JL 300/4 Rectifier Orientation Question


2010-09-13 6:42 pm
I bought this amp last week and turns out it's bad. Amp turns on and works, but can't get more than 5V out of the outputs and they sound terrible when hooked to a speaker. After opening it up I see tons of soot around the input transistors, and testing shows them to be shorted, so new ones are on the way. The problem is that in my haste I also took off the two rectifiers that fit into the spaces labeled "D500" and "D5001". One is a "+" and one's "-", but I don't know which one goes where, and like a moron, I didn't take any photos.

Any help with this is appreciated.
The rail capacitors will one terminal of each cap connected to ground. The other terminals (positive and negative) will show ~0 ohms to the rectifier output leg.

The positive rectifier will have its output leg connected to the positive terminals of the rail capacitors with the negative terminals grounded.

The negative rectifier will have it's output connected to the negative terminals of the rail capacitors with their positive legs grounded.

Find the connections with your ohm meter.