Jkdac32 analog stage?


People who sells ES9008/9018 says ES9022 cannot be any good, since it is so cheap.
Until someone who owns the 9018 also heard a 9022 and was into quite a surprise.

And people will want to say the same to the 5012.
In our own tests, the 5012 is at least on par with the 9022/9023.
Some people might prefer one, others the other.
But both of them sound too good for what they cost.
Of course you have to have the right implementation.

The only one that disappoints is the AK4430.
Implemented in similar ways to our 9022/5102 modules, it fails to exit.
But then they are others who swear that the 4430 sounds better.

I guess you just have to try.
Won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Disclaimer: John is a buddy of mine

I have a jkdac32, which I bought (ie not given to me). I have found it to be an excellent performer and it is on a par or better than the other dacs I have here eg buffalo, Peter Daniels nos premium, 9022, d1. I can't comment on what's in it....

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