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JDS Labs O2 Headphone Amplifier [17% Off]

hey guys! just wanted to share this group buy from a site called, "Massdrop".


Easily one of the best amps, and to mention it's now at the lowest price it's ever been offerred (JDS Labs very rarely, if ever, discounts it)

Battery Run-time: 6-8 hours
Frequency Response: +0.01, -0.01 dB (20Hz-20kHz)
THD 1 Khz 150 Ohms: 0.0016%
IMD CCIF 15 Ohms: 0.001%
IMD SMPTE: 0.002%
Noise (ref 400 mV): -105 dB
Max Output (33 Ohms): 613 mW
Output Impedance: 0.54 Ohms
Crosstalk (15 ohms): 65 dB
Channel Balance (at 50% volume): 0.6 dB
Gain: 2.5x and 6.5x
Volume Potentiometer Taper: 15A or 3B

the more people that buy the better the price for everyone!
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