JBL Control 28's

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Hello All!

I came by two JBL Control 28 loudspeakers along with two Samson amplifiers (260 and 170) during a shutdown of a facility that I manage.

Here's my question.

How much better sound quality can I get by building my own set of speakers and amplifier? I think a reasonable budget for comparison for building would be about $1000 US. (By the way, I paid $100 for the JBL's and Samsons along with a Mackie mixing board.)

Thank you for your advice!
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Hi Fragman,

Control 28's are good installation PA boxes, ( apart from the usual JBL 1 to 1.2k peak), and would be great if you were running a background music or small PA system, as they run very loud and very reliably.

But for domestic use they can be bettered by anything costing more than say £120 (200$?), unless you like your music very loud!

You got a good buy, but try to sell them on and spend the money on something decent, even if it's a kit of parts.

I don't know the amps, (Samson not common in the UK), but the Mackie desks are generally quite good, with a mic preamp stage that sounds good with vox and accoustic instruments.


Thanks so much!

As you can see, I don't have anything against which to reference, but you have given me the advice I need. It must be pretty sad to folks as experienced as you to know that the rest of the world is missing out on so much.

I will probably keep them for a while until I can build some speakers from a kit. I look forward to enjoying better sound!

Thanks again!
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Experienced.... me, never!

We all learn many new things every day of our lives, but there is a lot of cool stuff out there still to learn, ( and that includes me!), I have just had experience of the Control 28 on small AV gigs, and they beat the pants off most things in that role, especially the old faithful Bose 801.

Have fun with the JBLs, cos they aint half bad...


Hi fragman56,
Any ok speaker or amp is a good speaker or amp, until you get something better.
For your $100 you have a usefull setup, however if that Mackie desk fails it is easier and cheaper to pour petrol on it and flick a match.
They work ok, but are just turds to service - the one I fixed the other day had 376 knobs to remove, and 376 knobs to refit.

Regards, Eric.
Hey thanks for the reply, Eric!

Just guessing here, but it sounds like I can do a lot better than the JBL's and Samson studio amp that I have. I also have a Harmon Kardon 120 AVR with--should I say--a Bose HT 5.1 system with the Bose sub taken out and replaced with a JBL PSW-D110 powered sub (10", 150 watts).

I don't really like the musical sound of the Bose HT with the JBL powered sub--seems like something missing in the middle sound area? But anyway, after reading the threads on this board, I am planning to build (as a neophyte) something like the Zen amp and the TLb speaker system. I must say, however, the TLb, which is so highly rated on this board as a beginner speaker project, seems a bit exotic and expensive with all those drivers.

I find that I spend a lot of time reading about systems...just makes me wonder if I will have the time to build! So much time to learn, and so little time build!

Best regards,
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