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JBL 2450J Drivers plus more


2009-09-07 1:38 pm
Time to do a little spring cleaning. I have some JBL stuff aquired for my DIY habbit, that just doesn't fit with what I'm doing now.

One pair of JBL 2450J drivers with two sets of diaphrams. Radians are installed, plus original JBL factory diaphrams are still in perfect shape. Drivers are mounted on a P-Audio PH3223 horn. They all work perfectly. I swapped them out because I like the sound of the Radians better. Some prefer the factory sound. One driver does have a paint smudge on it - cosmetic only.

I also have two barely used crossover networks for the SR-4732-X, and for good measure, two JBL 2416H-1 drivers, (but these need new diaphragms.) Make offer - shipping from 49417.

email me if interested. beat_stick_beat at yahoo.


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