Jamo D870 Concert 11 speaker Midrange Replacement

If I may ask.... I dont you use the Seas P17RE/P 1 H0816-08 which is exactly the same size as the original drivers for the magnesium mid and poly low woofer?
I don’t think you can buy that woofer anywhere unless you find a retailer with old stock. Also, I already had a replacement woofer in mine that fit the cabinet. It was a Vifa 17cm mid woofer that is also discontinued/superseded sometime in the last decade. I chose to replace mine with the SEAS Excel midwoofer because the cabinet and crossover network were designed for that particular driver. It sounds SUBSTANTIALLY better now than it did before. I imagine slapping in a prestige line driver for the sake of cabinet fitment wouldn’t result in a superior outcome than using the Scanspeak or Vifa driver I had without reworking the crossover. Mine sounded recessed in the low midrange, and too forward in the upper midrange. Female vocals were very fatiguing. Now it sounds much more balanced top to bottom, and vocals are more clear and detailed despite being less “bright”.