Jamo classic 6

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I would like to replace the tweeter and to lower the crossover frequency

JAMO 20452 1" Soft Dome Tweeter

Classic tweeter featuring a treated shallow-profile textile dome, semi-waveguide loaded plastic faceplate, and ferrofluid cooling. Gray cosmetic treatment on faceplate. Ideal HF driver for 3-way systems or small woofer MTM designs. Made by Philips for JAMO. Manufacturer buyout, limited quantities. Specifications: *Power handling: 50 watts RMS/100 watts max VCdia: 1" *Impedance: 8 ohms *Re: 6.35 ohms *Frequency response: 1,400-20,000 Hz *Fs: 1,745 Hz *SPL: 89 dB 1W/1m *Dimensions: A: 4-1/16", B: 3-1/4", C:

JAMO 20333 5-1/2" Treated Paper Cone Woofer (*2)

5-1/2" mid-woofer with treated paper cone, inverted paper dust cap, and rubber half roll surround. 2-layer copper voice coil on a 1" diameter vented aluminum former. Oversized cosmetic rubber front gasket. Recommended for bass and midrange use in sealed enclosures. Buyout, limited quantities. Specifications: *Power handling: 30 watts RMS/60 watts max *VCdia: 1" *Le: 1.01 mH *Impedance: 8 ohms *Re: 6.53 ohms *Frequency response: 40-6,000 Hz *Fs: 72 Hz *SPL: 84 dB 1W/1m *Vas: 0.18 cu. ft. *Qms: 5.61 *Qes: 1.19 *Qts: 0.98 *Xmax: 2.5 mm *Dimensions: A: 5-3/4", B: 4-5/8", C: 2-3/4".

I would like advice , what best tweeter to put
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Maybe difficult to change a bad design (and saving the woofers). I don't know if this is the case. My point is, you only need to know the inside enclosure volume to work with/for (new drivers, woofers) in a new designed working kit for specified volume. What means totally new loudspeakers or saving the enclosures. Can you elaborate?! It's my understanding you have to measure for output, phase and impedance for drivers (frd/zma's) if you plan in using them and make a new crossover.
The best advice is before to change anything, is to tweak the crossover.
Can take the schematic, two photos of the board, on the components and the other face ? It should be very simple.
The tweeter can be good but the mariage of the transducters, not
Honnestly, it's better to make an better design with better drivers.
There are a pair of good Gradient tweeters in Jamo Classic 6, no need to replace IMHO. The woofers are nice too. Vifa XT25 is no any better, it's only different and maybe even worse (personally I dislike XT25. ). The worst part of these speakers are crossovers, and used parts are very low quality. My advice is: leave the speakers alone and tweak crossovers. Or better get rid of the crossovers at all and build new from scratch using good quality parts.
The treble of the woofers is not enough well filtered. Too much bad treble from them, sure you want to change the tweeter, but it is not the problem. You can try this crossover on the woofers. You will have a better treble.


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