Jamicon capacitors? Anyone has had experience using this cap?

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how good is this cap company(xunda)?


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Electrolytic caps don't bulge from working hours. When not operated with overvoltage they mostly bulge because the electrolyte is water based and the water is evaporated because of wrong (stolen) formula, cost savings in materials, impurities in materials etc. There has been written so much on the web and here about bulging caps. I won't repeat as you can use google yourself. Bad caps for instance. It happens to the component that determines a large part of production costs: the electrolytic cap. Many chinese brands produced millions of very cheap but failing caps. A sudden name change and production of cheap trash moved on again. There are many "contaminated" brands !!

If you want to play safe and don't like to loose valuable time and money: use Panasonic FC/FM, Rubycon ZL/ZLH series, Nichicon etc. for switchers and for instance Nichicon FW/KW/KG and Elna Silmic II for audio if you believe in "audio quality". Otherwise just use the industrial low ESR caps. Premium brands that produce industrial quality caps are preferred. Certainly in SMPS you want good quality low ESR caps that last long. Just think of this: when you replace them for cheap stuff chances are likely that you can replace them a second time. More time, more money. Be aware that some of the good industrial brands are copied so stay away from Ebay. Buy from official distributors etc. and don't reuse old caps or new caps that have been stored for more then 10 years.

If you replace them for the same as you wrote, well you should think again ;) Although not a favourite pastime it is standard practice to replace cheap garbage by normal good stuff.
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When I see Jamicon caps they are removed and replaced at once. Unreliable cheap stuff, I can not stand that A brands use this kind of stuff. Any picture of the innards of one of their devices makes clear that they tried to save some money. I just read someone saying they sound good. Well they may be the poor mans Black Gate, I know they fail more than I like. Specs are so so too. I guess one would be surprised if the ears would be the tools to judge quality/reliability of caps :D

Some brands don't have anything to loose and go the other way I noticed. Lelon was one of THE worse brands in the "bulging cap scandal". Today they produce quite decent caps. As I replaced hundreds of them with leaking electrolyte my mind is triggered when I see them but anything that has the right date code can stay. With reluctance (books are judged by their cover and all) :)
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Nakamichi were using jamicons in their tape decks. My CR3 is almost 30 years old and still working without problems with them. (OK, not very often in use for the last 10 years :)) I know I have to replace these soon as even the best caps would degrade for that time, but obviously they are not so bad. At least the stuff produced in the 80s.
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