JamHub MT16 Tracker mods

I hope this is a permitted post...

Is anyone interested in working on or expanding the capabilities of a 16 channel recording unit or just likes to tinker? I have some files for the PCB and some schematics and a build environment for the firmware. The owner of JamHub has asked me to open source the unit and will ship units to people interested in working on it (he has about 1500 of them that he does not want to put in a fill site). I believe if you are going to work on it, you can get them for free.

ixd704 (Ian Douglas) * GitHub has a number of files and descriptions of what I have done so far. I also have a working firmware image of 3.0.2 that can be installed to upgrade any of them that are running older fw versions. They all come with the telnet port active and the root password is in the Github description.

It would be fun to be able to remote control it via WiFi (it has an AP). Not sure what kind of work would be required to get it to transmit the channel data over USB to a computer system. The code for the menu control buttons is available and the processor appears to be able to do far more than it currently does.

Currently trying to make a port splitter so that the Tracker does not use up the remote port on the JamHub reducing the number of headphone remote mixers that can be used with it plugged in.

If you are interested, take a look at the github site. There is contact information on the site to get a tracker for experimenting with.

I'm interested

Hi there, I actually found some of these on e-bay for a crazy good deal (I assume it cam from the same source) and wondering what else are these units capable of. I haven't seen a source code in like 15 years but I would love to be involved in this project. I found your GitHub page and see what I understand of this all.