JAB5 output bridge

Recently I bought JAB5 amp from Wondom which has 4x100W @ 6ohm outputs. Problem is I was so sure that it operated at 4 ohm load I bought all of my speaker parts to be at that impedance level. Speaker RMS is 40W and i highly doubt if I would ever push it through.

I have read somewhere online that if those 4 outs are bridged to 2x200W the output impedance tolerance would also half. Is that true?
What could I expect connecting 4 ohm speakers to 6 ohm out frequency graph wise? (I know amp could burn)
Can such setup be working without fire in my house at a fracture of max output power so that it wouldn't overheat?

Reason I decided to go with this amp is for if I would want to upgrade my system in the future with more speakers. Or should I just go with 2x50W @ 4 ohm amp from Wondom?

EDIT: I found an alternative amp from Dayton Audio which looks the same (KABD-4100). The spec sheet is also the same but it says that outputs are stable down to 4 ohms. Anyone tried that?
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