IXYS IXFH140N10P possible counterfeit

Hi guys

One of the engineers here received a batch of 500 these powerfets from distribution. Upon testing Rdson at 40 amps, they read at 24 milliohms instead of 11 as per spec.

Looking at the IXYS datasheets, this puppy doesn't look like their depiction at all.

Here's a picture of the device we received:

Anybody else had any problems with counterfeit IXYS devices? The manufacturer says that there are fakes out there, but they've yet to respond to me regarding this picture.

Has anyone received fakes, and if so, can you tell if these are real or fake?

Cheers, John


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The IXYS representative has confirmed that the part I provided a picture of is indeed a counterfeit part.

It was purchased via distribution, but I do not have the specifics yet as to what distributor sold them.

the IXYS guy said they were "sloppily counterfeited".

I'm dying to see if the Feds become involved.:eek:

Cheers, John