• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

it is almost alive


2004-07-10 2:18 am
This is my first amp , I did notrealize how much time and consideration
must be taken. I am ready to wire it up and have a question concerning the input signal wiring I am not sure if I should use Kimber tcss 19 awg and twist it up or I have some Radio Shack 2wire with shield ? This is just from rca in to volume contriol and then to driver.


ps. gotta do something with that iron


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You are right. When I built my tube amps, there were lots of works and considerations had to be made. This is a very good training of our brain.

I am now building my 3rd amp which is a stereo 45 tube amp using a surplus instrument chassis. Looks a bit funny but I just like it. Also, I spent half to one hour and working it through slowly. I enjoy the work and nice to see it coming alive soon.


You just have to see if unscreened wire produces acceptable levels of hum in your situation. The Kimber sounds very nice although it seems you are going for unnecessarily heavy gauge. If a screen is indeed needed you can it on top of the Kimber and ground it at one end. To minimise the sonic penalty of the screen use a large diameter screen and pass the Kimber through some cotton (shoelaces, curtain pulls) insulation to provide further separation from the screen.

Ratshack wire after you've spent all the money and effort to build a nice amp? I think not.