Issues with Seas L18 woofer with an active xover

Hi all,

I'm not quite sure which forum to put this in, but I'm having some issues with my Seas L18 woofer in an active xover setup using my PC. I can only get a very faint sound even at max volume, but the tweeter works fine. I've checked all the wiring and connections, and it all looks fine to my eyes

Bit of background of the setup: I'm using my PC with a Focusrite Saffire 24 driving an Emotiva UPA-2 amp to the speaker. I'm not running any passive crossover on the woofer, so I'm trying to be very careful as to not blow anything (using a fairly large cap for the tweeter). I've tried using the Foobar xover and tried the Frequency Allocator as well, both gave the same result.

I'm off to get a resistivity meter tomorrow to see if that could be the issue, as the L18 should be 8 ohm which the amp should handle fine.

Any thoughts or tips? So far, I'm only working with one of the speakers, as I wanted to make sure I had the design right before I finalized the other box.