Isolation base for Pro-ject Genie TT

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Hi all,

I have done this isolation base for my Project Genie TT. It was a problem of transferring the vibration and the motor hum with this entry level TT when kept on a plain table shelf. Because this TT comes with a detached motor, I got this simple idea of DIYing an isolation base as shown in the diagram. Used two 15mm thickness MFD shelves (I used MFD because it supposed to have a good damping factor however the other materials such as thick glass or acrylic/plastic can be used for the same to improve the aesthetics) with a hole cut to the upper base, just little larger than the motor's diameter and rest this upper base on top of "Viabrapods" - 4 pods one in each corner of the shelves - (Vibrapod Isolators) on top of the shelf below which was rested on isolation feet (4 Speaker Spike Isolation Cone Turntable Deck NSS04 - eBay (item 300309758035 end time Dec-13-10 02:48:26 PST)). (Isolation feet are not shown in the picture because it is yet to arrive.). Viabrapods can be used here as well.

Just below the hole, attached a wood circle of 30mm thickness to the shelf below and this is exactly the motor's diameter in size. The TT motor goes through the hole in the upper shelf and rest on this below circle wood base. Idea is to isolate motor from the top shelf completely and shouldn't it be touching the upper base to avoid transferring any vibration or hum to the TT through the upper base. I have attached the diagrams and few photos if someone interested to try this out. I could notice that this easy enough mod has tighten-up the bass significantly and reduce the unwanted hum almost completely. I can crackup the volume to the max when the needle is running on the idle-grove of a LP and hear no hum or vibration which I could hear before when the TT was plainly set on a wooden table.

Please note that the measurements mentioned in the diagram will suite only the Pro-ject Genie TT.


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