Is this right?



in short i'm looking for the pot [var resistor] to adjust the frequency of this crossover


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I'm sorry but you are totally of track now. I'm afraid you must study the subject more. Good reading can you find here.

AN-307, 31, 72, 712, 20, 31, 227, 346, 48, 32, 64
LB-5, 11

Try these links or some of them for starters.

Active filters can be really complicated (I have a fat book in the subject) but you can take shortcuts but reading the application notes.

"Pedro has the right circuit (I you want 12 dB/octave), notice that the ganged potentiometer must be conntected so the resistor value are equal all the time. If you choose this kind the caps must have unequal values."

Perhaps it's a bit difficult having the same resistor value all the time on both pots, so a multiposition switch should be used. On the other hand most volume pots we use on our preamps do not seem to image off center when we move them, so maybe they are suitable after all.

How do you adjust those unequal value caps?

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Crying Dragon, I think is simple if you check my friendRod Elliot's site and check his crossovers as the little programs he has.
I think he has all you want.
:rolleyes: Yes, I know, I also have a site but not fininhed yet!:bawling:

But... if you can't achieve any ansewr to your questios in Rod's site, check the RANE site.

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