Is This circut suitable for an OPA541?

Attatched a schematic.. is it suitable?

Would the same curcut work with the opa549 and 548, provided I made the proper adjustments to the pin numbers of the chip in the schematic?


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The gain-bandwidth product of the OPA541 is 1.6 MHz. In order to keep the audio band frequency response of the amp clear of the effects (in both amplitude and phase) of limited bandwidth, I would recommend keeping the bandwith above 100 kHz. That means that the maximum gain should be around 16. The OPA549 is even more restricted with its GBP of 0.9 MHz. The National LMxxxx chips generally have a much higher GBP (e.g. 8 MHz for LM3886) so they can be run at higher gain than these TI chips.