Is this Beyer A1 clone worth getting?


2016-11-06 11:28 am

Is this amp good out of the box without modifications. I would use original parts ofcourse.
I have not heard this Beyer A1 clone. So my comment are generic.

At the price point of the Beyer clone, it is highly unlikely to find imported genuine Op-amp IC and output transistor in the kit. Genuine BC/550/BC560 and BD139/BD140 are cheap and easy to find in Europe or US. Get the real deal before soldering.

The MC33078 are most likely rebranded locally made NE5532. Fake NE5532 usually has high noise and limited bandwidth. The ideal replacement are LM4562 or LME49720. They are the same IC and can be had from Digi-Key or Mouser (in US) for less than $6 each in small quantity. Genuine LM33078 or NE5532 can work fine too, but the LM4562/LME49720 are better.,%20fact,%20no%20myths%20and%20THD%20measurement%20results.pdf
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Yes, but that wasn't my point. My point was that clone vendors don't usually provide their own (COPIED) schematic unless purchasing from them. As if they had their own original I.P. to protect.
Most electronic kit sellers on e-bay are resellers who know absolutely nothing about electronics. Buyer beware. You need to know what you want to buy DIY electronics on e-bay. I have had some gem and also some which go directly to the trash can.
do you think this clone is better than O2 amplifier? for a pair of beyer dt880 250?
thank you


I actually had a Beyer A2 clone which is based on the same schematic (attached). I sent it back as it couldn't take a normal 2VRMS source without distortion. My O2 doesn't have this issue.

You're better off with something to take on the shrill treble of the DT880 - something tube based perhaps?


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