Is this also a type of Switching Power Supply

I came across topologies for power supplies at
SMPS Power Supply Topologies: Comparison and Selection

How I am not sure will my circuit can be called as SMPS ?


In this circuit the transistor starts charging the capacitor as long as OP voltage is less than the input reference V4 Voltage.
I have been able to run it upto 2amps in LT spice

I have also been able to significantly smooth output by lowering the output capacitor and adding an high value inductor.
Its not switching it is a linear regulator.

Thank you for your reply. If instead of capacitor there was a resistance then I would agree with you and call it linear.

Linear are inefficient. This is more efficient as it does not waste but store voltage in capacitor and release it. Also it has a switching component to it.
The output actually oscillates between in a narrow range but the oscillations were reduced by using a smaller cap.
I saw this
File:Low Drop Voltage Regulator.png - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
and it looks same as my circuit, so it must be linear regulator too

I am confused as for a 2ms timescale 100uf C1, I see this switching pattern.

Current going from transistor emitter

and yet for some values i see a constant drain of 2amps, and if its a constant 2 amp then i agree its a loss as voltage drops n heats up the switching transistor.

But looking at the switching pattern, is it STILL not switched power supply :confused: