Is this a good OB design?

Hi what the pro and cons for the arrangement of drivers for the speaker below?

I ask because I have the drivers, not the same, but same size and I am split between a wide baffle and a narrow one.



I am using a active filter so I can boost the midrange if I decide to use a narrow baffle
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MartinAndersen, that open baffle is most likely sounding very good, assuming crossover is well executed. However, they have nothing in common with Sonus Faber.
I know that the sonus and ikea has nothing in common. There are just examples of a narrow and wide baffle. The sonus is 65cm wide from top to bottom playing in 2 pi from around 300 hz and up.
The ikea needs baffle step corrections to do the same. Not talking about the woofers the of curse needs some kind of equalization for any kind of OB speaker
The Edge is easy to get clear results about what the effects will be.

I found an offset mid driver on a wide baffle to have a much smoother response in real life that needed little eq.

I always try new OB baffles with cheap ply. It only takes me 30 minutes to cut and route a new one.

Also get or make yourself a good router circle jig. Life saver!

I life in a flat and any kind of wood work is a no go