Is there a limit to bulb power?

basically i have your typical 'lcd on top of your ohp' setup and id like to maximise the brightness so i dont always need the room totally dark to see the picture..

is there any limit to how bright your bulb can be? heat would be an increasing problem i imagine, but at what stage would it become unmanagable? are packing in fans a viable solution?

I also plan on making a seperate box for it in the future to deal with the heat issue..

also while i think of it, are all those films and things you pull out from directly behine the lcd panel when you pull it apart useful for anything?

What kind of lighting are you looking into? I think HID is the way to go. They stay fairly cool for their wattage and are efficient at putting out lots of light.

So I guess my answer is this:

No, the limit is heat and how much the system can take. I'd try to keep inside temps under 180f for sure. Plastic obviously melts easy and metal and glass will take the abuse.