is there a good edge banding guide/help


2007-04-21 1:04 am
made most of my book shelf speakers. have the back to glue on and the fronts to be made

then veneering
using wenge for the sides and top.

for the front's
i did get some beech veneer but gone with a different way for now
i have kinds made my own veneer 3mm thick beech glued to mfd, and want to add a frame/ edge banding around so i can add a profile

might just go for the sides only, but if i go all the way around then i would have to mitre them i guess? or do i not need to as dont have easy tools for doing that (yet)... well anyway good guide to ways of doing this would be nice

seen some people have the front on first then router then glue in wood. or guess made like a fame first them glue it on