Is my Sharp QA1650 broken? S-Video/Video Input are not working!!

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Does the projection panel have a light sensor which require certain amount of light from the OHP to activate it??:confused: . Could this be the reason since I haven't received my OHP to test the panel. I also don't have a monitor cable to test whether the it is not working also. I took it apart already, and everything seem fine. The LCD panel is in mint condition. It was able to show the Sharp logo with color (i have to place the panel near the window to see it).

Anyway, thank for hearing me out.
Where did you get it? When you bought it was it one of those "AS-IS" deals? Do you have the remote for it? Do you have the original power supply for it?

Try different cables and make sure you are connecting it correctly.

If all else fails you probably got a bad panel. Maybe thats why the person sold it. I hope you didnt pay much for it.

should work

If you have a video source plugged into the RCA or S-video ports, try pressing the "select" and "up" buttons on the top of the panel at the same time (or select first, and while holding down the select button, next press the up button). That will activate video mode. Also, the remote has an video button on it too, if you have the remote.
Thank a lot "braxton" and "ap0the0sis". It finally work as soon as I follow your instruction on holding down the "Select" button and press the "UP" button. I am so relieved now. Thank again guy. :D

Oh, i bought the sharp panel on Ebay for $130 which included the S/H. Thank god I only emailed a question and not a complaint to the seller or else i would look like an a**hole. :)

Really appreciated all your helps.
dear lord if this works you are a god send :)

I only ever used the VGA in... which works right away.
but when i would use the RCA connector or S connector it wouldn't work i woul only get the logo. what you have to do is
connect to the VGA in and then use the select button, go through the options and select Video out. or RCA out...

but select and up... i'm going to try this tonight :D

if this works, i will give you a large virtual hug :) hehehe
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.