Is my bulb limiter working righ


2008-01-31 9:01 pm
So, I made a bulb limiter this weekend and realized that I'm not sure if it's working right. I believe it is but figured I'd check. Here's what happened.

I plugged the limiter into the wall, plugged another lamp in our living room into the limiter and then turned on the lamp.

The bulb in the lamp didn't light at first then slowly began to glow. However, it didn't glow very brightly when it was in series with the bulb limiter. I'm guessing that's what was supposed to happen huh?
Hi Hiwatt,
from your description, it appears you have wired it correctly.

When plugged in with the outlet socket empty it should not glow.

When a transformer is plugged in it might flash very briefly.

When the transformer draws power it will glow dimly.

When the transformer draws a lot of power the bulb will glow brightly.

A capacitor input filter after a transformer will cause a bright flash and then a gradually dimming glow to eventually going off or very dim, depending on the quiescent draw of the amplifier circuit.
The bulb will drop a few/many volts. The equipment will be running on a lower than normal voltage.