Is it big enough?

I'm building a tri-amp 5.1 surround system. I'm using ESP P03A for the 12" woofers,(except centre) LM3876 for the mids and LM4752 for the tweeters. ie 4X 60W and 6 x 50W at +/- 35V (the LM4752 run on a single rail 24v supply for which I already have a 3A regulated PSU)

Would a single 600VA toriod be big enough for the 35volt supply? I'm thinking of running a snubberised regulated supply for the LM3876s and and unregulated for the bigger amps. If I split the tranfo I could go for a 42 v supply and get 100w out of the P03As :cool:

David L
42Vac will give a lot more than 100W into 8r. 35Vac should achieve 100W.
Your 600VA transformer will be undersized for 6 * 50W + 4 * 60W.
the rail voltage will sag badly on peaks and make the sound quality suffer. This will be particularly revelevant on long bass notes.
I would recommend a minimum of 2 by 500VA for your loading and further if you can find them cheaply then use a pair of secondaries for each channel. More easily achieved, a pair of secondaries for the bass and the other pair for mid and treble. Then have separate rectifiers for every channel with their own smoothing and snubbers.