Irs21844s update_

I was browsing around on infineon's website and found a link for a new recommended design from the IRS21844s page. I have attached both datasheets.

It took me to what appears to be an improved version of the 21844s which has a bootstrap diode between (VB)High side gate drive floating supply and
(VCC)Low-side and logic side supply voltage.

What does this actually mean in terms of the chips ability to drive a mosfet. I lack the knowledge.

My understanding is mosfets with higher capacitance are harder to drive on and off and you need more current or more robust drive circuit to turn them on and off at the right speed.

Would this updated IC in theory be able to drive more mosfet or a bank of mosfets with higher gate capacitance than a 21844s? Or am i completely misunderstanding the whole point of a bootstrap diode.


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