IRS20124 eagle lib and ltspice model


2005-01-01 3:33 pm
I am looking for a eagle library and a ltspice compatible model for the IRS20124 gate driver, but google is not cooperating.

Anyone know where i can find what i am looking for ? Im getting a bit tired of the IR2110, its dual inputs, the level shifters and deadtime circuitry taking up board space.
These newer IR drivers with all the protection inside are comfortable from component count, but they are picky regarding disturbances and parasitic HF resonances caused by the half bridge.
You really have to take care about the layout and proper snubbering, otherwise you will suffer from early shut down.

The older and more bolt types like the 2110 without integrated protections are by far more forgiving.

Nevertheless, I am using the IRS20957S and like it very much.
It is really just a matter of proper layout and snubbering.

Sorry, I just rebuild its fundamental behavior with etables and transmission lines. real model in place...