O.K. somebody says it’s not good, some says “yes you can use IRFP250N but…” ,and I don’t know what to do!!!
So if I use IRFP250N regarding IRFP244, should I expect bad sound, unstable amplifier,etc……. I know, mr.Pass saying that the better choice is not to be used IRFP250N but, I can’t find them here, or shops do not have on stock 30pcs, that is the real problem.
Toni Stefanovski
My Pass F1 is with IRFP250N.
Technically, the high frequency roll-off could be faster because of its higher capacitance character. I however do not detect it when I listen to the music.

Aleph 2 uses 6xIRF244 in parallel.
Acc. to Nelson's small tip, it is equivalent to 3xIRFP250N in parallel with respect to the total capacitance.
Wow . . . a lot of bloody capacitance . . .
But, how many Aleph 2 owners complain its sound . . . ?

No time to talk too much. Just go ahead with IRFP250N.