ir remote problem

not sure which section to post this in. please move if necessary. I tried looking on a A/V forum and couldn't find any answers to the problem I have.

I have a universal rfs-200 which is a remote and the radio frequency receiver to controll equiptment in another room.

Problem is the house next door has a similar unit (not the same brand & model), and you guessed it, we control & interfere with each others cable, TV, etc.

I called universal and they said the unit I have operates on an open frequency and the only recourse is to buy another unit for over $300 (three times the cost of my present unit) where you can program a frequency.

Is there a way to construct some kind of shielding around the rf receiving unit to make it less sensitive and block the signals from my neighbor's house.

Thanks for any help & enlightenment you can send this way.