M Gregg

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2010-06-28 11:04 pm
OK this fix worked for me..

I didn't think it would but it did..Itunes on PC.

I had a problem with the ipod skipping tracks half way though..

So...The fix is...

Connect your Ipod to the PC...select the Ipod...tick the box for use as a hard drive<<you need this to be able to play the songs on your PC from the Ipod (Not the songs on the PC) so select "on this Ipod"...
music..start the first track playing..then hold down the right arrow key..and let it skip right through ALL THE SONGS...

You can use a Macro to do this its in this Link:

FIX: For when your iPod skips over songs - iLounge Forums

NB..you could use the mechanical macro<<<squash a ball of aluminium foil so it fits on the arrow right key and put a paper weight on it...
Then the important step ....go and get a coffee<<< :D

M. Gregg
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