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Can be an issue with the Pure dock....:(

iPod/iPhone/iPad Compatibility | Pure

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M. Gregg

I have a couple of the Pure i20 docks, at my work computer desk and at the workshop bench. AFAIC they're stupid good value - includes Toslink and copper coaxial digital out, analog from the fairly decent onboard DAC, as well as composite & mini component/S video (neither of the latter 2 used in my case)

IINM, Apple's not currently licensing use of the Lightning mini connector found on iPhone5 and latest iPads etc to accessory makers, so adopters of the latest gen are stuck with Lightning to 30 pin adapter cables for use with existing docks. I'd avoid the stubby adapter myself
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If anyone is still active on this thread I have a couple of questions.

Just received a new I-20 and can't seem to get working. The very brief operating manual says something like this...plug it in and switch it on. Then there is a separate section that addresses how to use the remote. "Turn the switch on" what switch?
The unit doesn't respond to the remote either. Tried a new battery for the remote...no luck.
I hope I'm missing something simple otherwise it must be a defective unit?

Thoughts please.

Anyone attempted to return a defective unit?

Lastly, once I get this unit up and running can I run it directly to the amp without a preamp?

Thanks for any help!
Hi, I'm a bit late in answering and this may seem like a dumb question but did you connect it to the power source? There isn't an on and off switch basically it activates when you activate/use your ipod. For home you connect it to an AC sourse (outlet) but in your car you'd have to find and connect to a 7.5 DC Power source.

This thing sounds really good when connected to digital because it bypasses Apple's DAC and uses it's own, better, DAC. Still, you are limited to 24 bit/44 kHz files. You aint getting 96 or 192 kHz out of it like the box says, unless someone's found a way.

Also, when I hooked mine up to my home theater, only the Coaxial (digital) and RCA (analogue) worked with my amp. The Toslink (optical) didn't work however that could be my amps issue.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.