Invisus ultra super regulator

PPR1 (positive) and NPR1* (negative) utilise a high speed and ultra low output impedance FET and guarantees peak current demands are instantly and effortlessly met. This coupled with our propriety self noise cancelling system give Invisus DC regulators outstanding resilience, reliability and performance.

Those nice words are for the Audiocom's super regulator Invisus. Anybody who knows more what's all about? I wonder also if a marketing person with or without technical insight has wrote this. Some people are good with words but what is really true and what does it mean?

There other super regulator was just a plain Sulzer regulator so I get a bit suspcious although it looked very nice.

Picture here
Bas Horneman said:
Why do people say Sultzer/Jung?
David Sulzer wrote in the 80's about a type of regulator (nothing new though)

Walter Jung did also write about some other kind of regulator (nothing new either).

Both Mr. Sulzer and Mr. Jung made those regulators known. As we speak we should not forget Mr. Didden who made pcb's for Mr. Jung's article.

A super regulator from 1977, Mr. Kaneda, Japan. Picture here

Anybody who have seen a super regulator before 1977?
Topology is the same, but some of the actual components differ from the circuit you posted, PerAnders.
A lot of the circuits of Akihito Kaneda were published in the editions of the L'audiophile magazine in those days.
L'Audiophile sold the pcb's of the Kaneda regulator.
I'll have to dig up the mag, its been over 20 years that i did Kaneda and Hiraga stuff, i should even have a L'audiophile parts catalogue from the early 80s somewhere.