Inverting data line ?


there was a thread about using balanced TDA1541A in a way so that PSU ripple and noise will cancel.
One data line should be inverted and if the negative output is subtracted from the positive, signals add while noise and ripple cancel.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Now how to invert the digital signal ?
Look at a COB DAC.
If just the data line is inverted instead of BPZ we get -1 LSB while +FS becomes -FS and -FS becomes +FS.

If after inversion, one is added, BPZ becomes BPZ, but +FS becomes -FS +1 LSB and -FS gets overflow and will be -FS because +FS + 1LSB is not possible .

What is better ????

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All the balanced Dac (with two dacs by channel) are fed by data for one, and /data for the other one.
There is effectively 1 bit offset, because of two's complement on the inverted channel, but it doesn't matter.

Look at this schematic in the post.
It's a ad1865, but the principle is the same